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Any time access to your vehicle is restricted by a damaged lock or a lost or broken key, the situation can quickly spiral into something unsavory, especially when you are in an unfamiliar place, darkness is upon you, or the weather is bad. Thankfully, Southside TX Locksmith Store understands that the scenario can happen to anyone and at any time, and offers 24 hour automotive services including but not limited to making duplicate car keys, ignition cylinder replacement and repair, and car key cutting. Our services are available at all times throughout the Southside, TX area, ensuring no driver is stranded for longer than they need to be.

24 Hour Onsite Service

Southside TX Locksmith Store, Southside, TX 817-935-8971Our reputation for excellence has been earned through Southside TX Locksmith Store’s dedication to providing Fort Worth with 24 hour locksmith services, delivered by a full team of professional, expertly trained locksmiths. Our technicians can arrive onsite within the hour, providing you a variety of locksmith services. To better assist you, Southside TX Locksmith Store maintains a fleet of specialists aboard specialized mobile units, so that we can get to you as fast as we can. Help us prove out dedication to your satisfaction: call 817-935-8971  today for a free consultation!

Trunk Locks

A damaged trunk lock can result in groceries spoiling, or dirty laundry soiling the carpeting inside your trunk, or deny you access to important tools or your vehicle’s spare tire. Some trunk locks, when atrophied, can open while the automobile is in motion, releasing whatever may be in the trunk and creating a hazard for motorists driving behind you. The technicians at Southside TX Locksmith Store are exceptional at repairing and replacing trunk locks, restoring your access while simultaneously ensuring the lock is secure.

Jammed Ignition

A jammed ignition is never a fun ordeal, and can lead to three individual problems: inability to start your vehicle, difficulty retrieving your key, and even irreparable damage to your key. To help prevent a jammed ignition, or for help with repairing or replacing an already jammed ignition, call Southside TX Locksmith Store today.

We Replace Car Keys

Southside TX Locksmith Store, Southside, TX 817-935-8971Your keys are how you access pretty much everything, and losing or damaging them can be incredibly stressful. That’s why Southside TX Locksmith Store offers individualized onsite key replacement services to create transponder keys, standard car keys and high security car keys. Our mobile units allow out technicians to move around Fort Worth fairly freely, making sure we get to you as quickly as possible.

Our team at Southside TX Locksmith Store is proud to boast their extensive knowledge as automotive locksmith specialists, and uphold their standard for quality by providing our clients in the Southside, TX area with comprehensive automotive locksmith services. When you are in need of emergency automotive services, such the replacement or repair of an ignition switch, call Southside TX Locksmith Store, and we will send immediate assistance.